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Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Whether you want to clean and preserve your wedding gown as a family heirloom or you are planning to sell your gown, at Maddington Drycleaners we specialise in wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation.

Our wedding gown dry cleaning process is tailored to match the specific needs of each gown cleaning job. We pay special attention to every minute detail to ensure your wedding dress stays flawless over the course of time. Our expert cleaners maintain high safety standards to protect the delicate beads, fabric, embroidery and lace during the cleaning process.

At Maddington Drycleaners, we understand that your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions and you will want to preserve it as a memento of your special day. Our highly effective wedding gown preservation techniques ensure that all the intricate details and accessories of the wedding dress are properly taken care of. Your wedding dress is properly inspected, cleaned and pressed and special care is given to the hemline and other delicate areas. Moving ahead, the gown is boxed in an acid-free storage chest to preserve it over the course of time.

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